Consumer & Shopper

Create an efficient and effective retail strategy. Understand shoppers deeply, and make the most of traditional and emerging retail channels

In a fast-changing retail environment, staying close to shoppers and channels is crucial. With the rise of digital commerce and new go-to-market models, we can help brands and retailers manage and evolve your offer.

Do you know how, why and where your consumers buy and use your products?


Capture the most detailed picture of what consumers really do: what they watch, what they eat, what they buy, where, when, and how often they buy, which brands they buy, at what price, and why. Through our consumer panels we identify the retailers, people, occasions, categories and trends that will generate sustainable growth for the future, to help you seize the right opportunities.

How do you find growth in an omnichannel world?


People shop everywhere, and they move almost seamlessly between channels. Seizing new growth opportunities means exploring category boundaries, inventing ways of working with new and old retail partners, and closing conversion gaps with target groups or around certain consumption occasions.

Are you presenting the right mix to consumers?


For maximum brand and category growth, you need to optimise your product assortment, manage promotions carefully, and maximise the return on your in-store merchandising investment. Understanding and measuring success with retailers, channels, missions and occasions is key to this. We can help.

Unlock the shopper moments that drive brand conversion