Innovate in a way that reliably leads to growth. Nurture clear, future-proofed ideas, and seize the most rewarding opportunities

How do you extract insights from large amounts of data?


Companies are typically data rich, but insights poor. You need to connect and structure data across silos to create a single consumer truth to inform short and long-term strategies for growth. Kantar combines a deep understanding of brand, marketing and sales with data engineering to meet these needs.

Can you use analytics to optimise brand strategy and innovation?


Brands must understand how to optimise their messaging, marketing and innovation strategies to deliver sustainable growth. Kantar’s analytics solutions inform your brand strategy to achieve differentiation, and deliver insights across your entire innovation journey.

How can you maximise total marketing ROI?


Brands must maximise value from limited budgets through strategic planning and operational optimisation. Creative, media and sponsorship investments must balance short-term results with brand building for the long-term. Sales, retail and ecommerce must consider channel choice, assortment, pricing and promotions. Kantar analytics can help.

How can you maximise customer value?


You must make the right strategic and operational investment decisions in customer experience and loyalty marketing to maximise the value of each and every customer relationship. Kantar analytics work across the customer journey, delivering insights to power personalisation and growth.

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