Innovate in a way that reliably leads to growth. Nurture clear, future-proofed ideas, and seize the most rewarding opportunities

Successful innovation is built on deep human understanding. Benefit from the latest thinking in forecasting, segmentation, behavioural economics and cognitive science to identify and launch solutions that re-shape your industry.

Where should you play in order to win?


Getting the starting point right for innovation is the foundation for success. We help you understand people’s needs, aspirations and frictions in the moments that matter, and size the opportunities that will drive growth for your business and your brand, now and in the future.

Will you win with the innovation opportunities you choose?


You need to prioritise the opportunities that represent the greatest potential for your business. With our strategic foresight, expert consultants and proprietary knowledge, you can win with the opportunities you choose to pursue, in your category and beyond – whether it is an unserved customer segment or an under-penetrated usage moment.

How do you develop, screen and nurture innovation ideas that deliver growth?


Innovations must meet people’s needs, deliver growth and build your brand. We help take your innovation to market in the right way, from the core product or service, all the way to the marketing mix and the launch monitoring programme. We collaborate with consumers, creative partners and experts to develop and test ideas quickly and iteratively, in a context that reflects consumer reality.

Have you optimised the value of your proposition?


In a fast-moving global market, you need to constantly re-evaluate the competitiveness of your portfolio. Is the price right? Does your offer have the right features? Is your portfolio mix optimised? Is it building your brand? We help you optimise existing as well as new offers to thrive in this environment.

Inspire and accelerate growth through innovation