Advertising & Media

Make informed marketing and PR choices. Maximise the effectiveness of your creative, and your paid, owned and earned media activity, at every stage

Smart media choices grow brand strength, market penetration and sales. We help advertisers, agencies and media owners to measure and optimise the effectiveness of their content and activity across all media channels.

Are you developing effective creative, and the right media plan?


Every brand needs to tell its story in a way that engages the right consumers. Gain deep insight into the consumers and shoppers who will deliver the most growth for your brand, and get trusted data and advertising intelligence to support the media planning process. We can provide consumer insight, competitive intelligence, and campaign and creative effectiveness measurement at all stages of the creative process.

Can you activate against your media plan?


Once you understand your target market, make sure you can reach them. Use Kantar insights to identify and segment your ideal audience, then link these to external activation platforms, for much better targeting. Our portfolio of pre-defined audiences (and the ability to create bespoke segments) enables you to be more precise when you advertise online.

Do you measure media consumption and optimise your communications plan?


It’s crucial to understand how and where your content is being consumed, and the effectiveness of media channels, so you can make improvements in real time. Whether your communications plan involves paid advertising (on digital and traditional channels), PR or social media, we provide the tools you need to understand and address the impact each media channel is having on the brand, on penetration and on sales.

Get the most from media activities